How much is the average person spending at online casinos?

Online gambling numbers

Many people have an interest towards gambling. It entertains and kills boredom. All places where people gamble, like in hotels, card rooms, bookmakers, casinos and on internet casinos have the capacity to offer an escape from the daily happenings of life. Online casinos offer you the benefit of doing something different from your daily routine. At the same time, they give you the probability of hitting a big payday.

You see, majority of lottery players don’t win any jackpot. However, all of them afford the opportunity to dream of what they would do with that money if they won. If you look at it from this perspective, you realize that people play at platforms like Wild Jack Online Casino because they want to be entertained. But on the other hand, the multi-billion dollar losses which statistics have recorded are the ultimate cost of indulging in this form of entertainment. It is like watching sports, playing PC games, or listening to music. These activities cost money and time. But they are still considered valid means of entertainment.

The number of people who gamble

It corresponds to the amount of dollars spent. It has been 2 decades now since the idea of online gambling went main stream. The bigger picture here is that more people are now signing up at online casinos to start indulging in slot machines. So trying to identify the exact number of people who gamble around the world is a futile effort. We cannot cobble together a global picture of the exact number in total.

But still, figures exist out there. One of the studies we can rely on is that which was conducted at St. Louis in Washington University. It was to concentrate on gambling rates and problems in 2005. The study discovered that there were some 1.6 billion people gambling across the world at any given point in their lives. Now, if the results of this study are to go by, then we can say that these numbers have only increased in the recent years, thanks to the many internet casinos that are coming up.

Stats by country

While some countries have restricted gambling, others see it as a way of life. Right now, it’s a little bit hard to pick any nation apart from Australia that is so much into wagering. It is recorded that adults spend up to $1,200 per person on a yearly basis.

Nations like Canada, Ireland, and Italy are spending $600 per person on gambling activities. These countries lead in partaking in this form of entertainment. However, this does not mean that other countries are not serious about wagering. If you go to the UK, you will see that at least 75% of citizens are gamblers. If you go to America, that percentage stands at 75%. 80% of Americans have at least wagered in any previous year.

Mobile gambling

These stats are encouraged by the fact that mobile gambling is the next big thing. It presents a world where gambling can be done from the comfort of one’s remote location. Mobile gambling has been increasing by 75% in most parts of the world with outstanding mobile penetration. We therefore need to connect these dots together and see why individuals will spend even more money on strategy Casino games at Wild Jack Online Casino or any other platform.


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