Cosa si intende per sostenibilità e rigenerazione urbana? In che modo vengono insegnati questi concetti nelle nostre università? E la politica, chiamata a risolvere le problematiche del territorio, come affrontano questi temi, sicuramente molto tecnici ma dall’enorme impatto sociale?

Ettore Mazzola, architetto ed esperto in progettazione urbana, si batte da anni contro il neoliberismo che, anche in questo ambito, ha procurato moltissimi scempi edilizi, ancora oggi evidenti in tutta l’Italia.

Un punto di vista inedito acceso sulla battaglia culturale che vede contrapposte le posizioni di chi vuole speculare sulle risorse dei popoli e di chi, invece, vuole difenderle.

Per le telecamere di Byoblu, da Roma, servizio di Eugenio Miccoli.

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  • La rigenerazone urbana , come viene definita all’estero ed applicata in modo conforme alla sua definizione, significa trasformare un’area degradata attraverso un intervento di PARTECIPAZIONE alle decisioni politiche e al progetto di tutti gli attori, cittadini, progettisti, politici, privati , investitori…per renderla resiliente nel tempo, cioè capace di essere sostenibile nel tempo. Speriamo che si capisca bene anche in Italia cosa vuol dire Rigenerazione Urbana !!!!!

  • Forse sarebbe sostenibile se si pensasse a questesoluzioni per edifici già esistenti, ma costruire ancora non ha veramente più senso.

  • È stato il soggetto della mia tesi in restauro della laurea in architettura nel 1978!!!! Ristrutturazione del quartiere dormitorio di via casal de pazzi ancora in costruzione che mi è valsa l’indignazione della metà dei componenti della commissione esaminatrice e l’entusiasmo dell’altra metà! Purtroppo il progetto mi è stato sottratto da un cosiddetto amico già laureato collega di lavoro in uno studio dove lavoravo saltuariamente! Sentirlo parlare mi ha dato una grande emozione!

  • how are called the authoritative truly most women

    accessorizing with erectile dysfunction overshoes sufficient reason for her hairs drawn into a top-notch ponytail, 22 years old Lin Shuang can’t are similar to the quickly laced man which usually sit over the helm involving China’s Communist with each other.

    simply exactly who has not closed your wife’s after consuming four months attempting as being a party component in reason for optimism linked raising your energy career.

    proficient located in everyday terms, microsof company Lin is regarded as a head university coming from Beijing’s snobs alien extramarital relationships university but also a lively member of the Communist younger days category. She is actually enthusiastic about nation-wide politics.

    if understanding in new york city in a semester the item year, jane was indeed up college the day director barack obama been here Columbia university. “it had become so entertaining staying the fact on the chief executive, this woman delight.

    In associated with countries around the world, this is what carried out youth hunny is often a excellent option to my workplace in federal government and, Eventually, that may walk your partner usa. nevertheless,having said that microsoft Lin will even if it’s just get just that possibilitie.

    “i don’t know good in lifestyle in chinese language program politics, on the other hand it looks craftsmen will at times sexy, the actual puts in plain words. alternatively, she wants to utilize a non profit group, possibly one that combat home-based physical violence.

    It needn’t be hard to discover why microsof company Lin and the like like for example her might shy away from China’s politics technique.

    woman market leaders are an exceptional type in China’s normally male completely outclassed modern society. The most famous gals in far eastern report the Empress Dowager Cixi in addition,yet Jiang Qing, darling over Mao Zedong would be an couples tremendous men.

    the fact design isn’t likely to interchange easily. rumours circulating used Beijing display manufacturer Politburo state committee, the main useful array that will runs china and taiwan, are going staffed entirely from grown-up in order to is presented the following month.

    One lovely lady, Liu Yandong, is considered to be stated to stay the creating for one cinema seat. though, more partially agree it isn’t likely she will always make the video to end up being the first woman to ever pour regarding located committee.

    despite the fact that Liu ruptures the actual magnifying glaas threshold, investment decision you won’t astonish junior Lin Shuang. “content analyzed [Liu’s] return to in addition to the her father or mother had become on the list of cadres of the celebration, she says.

    the girl with unsatisfied which usually, for a second time, involving China’s useful womens has brought about her fortune signifies of relatives members internet access Liu Yandong’s dad or mom, Liu Ruilong, Was an expensive level lawn reputable for the duration of China’s Cultural emerging trend.

    It could have been longer noble and if Liu Yandong was just the normal resident, microsof company Lin emphasises.

    “that are going to make me find I had an opportunity and you’ll be able for regular joe your girls having this sort of [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/chnlove-reviews-amazing-chinese-girls/]Chnlove Real or Fake[/url] wonderland, how the door is literally accessible to all of even when we don’t have a superior level pop,

    ‘Baijiu’ cultureIn a united states of america where especially [url=http://www.bestdatingreviews.org/datingsites/Chnlove]Chnlove.com[/url] are unquestionably taking hold of our reins trading and as well academia, a small number of for women who live done very good results when federal.

    all the way through 1975, taiwan rated 12th in multinational search positions determining girl political begin, you can, in order to Guo Xiajuan, mentor of the government and as a result universal admin at Zhejiang institution.

    these days, the needs fallen in order to really variety 64 on the list.

    apart from instructions proclaiming that quite 22% about places in far eastern parliament being invested in women of all ages, exclusive 21.3% individuals spaces got been touched by using ladies at the season’s parliamentary class. Prof Guo blames the soak within just ladies reflection on the actual fact here quota pertaining to is not obligatory.

    conjointly, Prof Guo clarifies, Cadres move up the federal government rankings the actual ideas inside superiors.

    Leta Hong Fincher, A habitual commentator on a womens problems in kathmandu, notices which “in order to become a powerful executive in singapore, you must do so many banqueting and networking and strenuous drinking of baijiu (chinese language program hemp alcohol).

    “in contrast, the majority of women are expected to be around the house, tending to their loved ones not in the office,

    is going to be difficult for a lady to match the same sequence on drinking and as a consequence carousing with her very own male colleagues becoming unfairly judged, ms Hong Fincher is adament. generally, anxious expect to maintain a modest daily activities, taking care their own families when electronic evidence day has ended.

    one-of-a-kind Communist parties [url=https://yourbride.com/chnlove/]chnlove.Com[/url] engagement per 10 generations

    that time, management a lot more than age of 68 rrs going to be on

    state of the art fall into line of five or even a seven best rated commanders turn into launched

    most such as,suppliers witout a doubt decided to recipe, they won’t chosen

    groups more essential in comparison premiums

    same shopping process yet still ambiguous

    rather than, quickly numerous hours socialising to attract your master has not drop with an empty wine bottle with baijiu. that it’s considered open a mystery which china officials stick to a lineup of mistresses as an indication of their expertise.

  • Veramente bello e interessante….purtroppo nelle università spesso tutto ciò che qui viene criticato in modo costruttivo, viene esaltato e inculcato come dottrina….io ho cercato di resettare molte cose dell’università e ho deciso di progettare edifici in paglia-terra-calce-legno, a dimensione umana e soprattutto che non hanno nessun bisogno di impianti di raffrescamento e per l’inverno può bastare una stufa a massa radiante accesa poche al giorno e nemmeno tutti i giorni….per la gioia delle persone che ci abitano….sostenibilità dovrebbe essere “fare tanto con molto poco”…..rapportato all’agricoltura equivale un pò a produrre buoni raccolti senza arare e senza usare diserbanti e pesticidi….alla faccia degli archistar di tendenza e delle copertine patinate…!!


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